Experience needed

Regarding editors or employers that say an applicant needs experience.  This is a furphy.

In every field of endeavour some people looking for work moan: “It’s not fair.  You can’t get work unless you’re experienced, but you can’t become experienced unless you can get the work.”  This is where the “giver-upperers” give up.

It’s a nonsense, of course.  If this dictum (no work without experience, but no experience without work) was really true, then no one would ever get work.  But every day, in every area of work, someone inexperienced is breaking-in.  It has to do with you having persistence and keenness, and bosses who recognise ability and good work ethics.  Luck always plays a part, but you can make your own luck.

Never allow yourself any excuse about how hard it is out there in the jungle.  Keep having a go, and most of all, keep writing and keep submitting.

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