Characteristics of a journo

What are the tried and tested main characteristics of a successful freelance journalist? Well, my answers are all clichés, and apply also to other occupations, but here’s my personal list of 10:

  1. Persistence (not taking no for an answer, trying again and again, having a thick hide)
  2. Love of accuracy and refusal to trust your memory, anyone else’s memory or the internet
  3. Reading (and enjoying) your target publications, and studying EVERY issue
  4. Curiosity about people.  Why do people do what they do? Why do people feel what they feel?
  5. Personality (yours).  Otherwise people just don’t open-up to you
  1. Hatred of bullsh – – !! And a belief it’s the journalist’s duty to expose it, to tell the truth
  2. Good general knowledge comes from a lifetime of reading, listening, learning, absorbing
  3. Fast and persuasive telephone manner.  You will never make it to the top without one
  4. Speedy research skills. No one’s got the time for you to work slowly

10.   Superior writing and expression skills.  Absolutely essential to get to the top