Names of things and places

There are many well-known names of people, things, places and organisations, that my students frequently get wrong.  Make sure YOU don’t make the same mistakes.  Consider these:

Frequent wrong use Correct use Generic use
ATM machine ATM cash dispensing machine  If you say ATM machine, you’re saying automatic teller machine machine.
PIN number PIN personal identification number   If you say pin number, you’re saying personal identification number number.
Australian Security and Investment Commission Australian Securities and Investments Commission Australia’s corporate watchdog, called “Asic”.
Ernest and Young Ernst & Young leading worldwide accounting and auditing firm
Anderson’s Andersen worldwide accounting and auditing firm
Carrie Webb Karrie Webb champion golfer
Kathy Freeman Cathy Freeman Olympic gold medallist athlete
Kokoda Trail or Kokoda Track Both are correct, but Track is considered “more Australian” You wouldn’t use it in a generic sense
Australian Corporate and Consumers Commission Australian Competition and Consumer Commission called “the A triple-C”…watchdog for the Trade Practices Act
Mr Alan Fells Professor Allan Fels former chairman of the ACCC
Marie-Claire marie claire magazine on fashion, design, the arts and beauty
Time-Warner-AOL AOL Time Warner giant communications company
Simon Townsend Correct spelling isSimon Townshend guitarist brother of Pete Townshend of the rock band The Who


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