How to make your application story to win your travel reporter job*

*Provided you follow EXACTLY all these instructions and achieve extremely high results, mixed with the right physical look and sunny personality.

You must have first completed How to land a job as an on camera reporter on a travel show

You are now ready to make your application story (or audition tape/disk/YouTube), to show producers you are ALREADY a good travel reporter.  Here’s what you now do:

FIRST, see examples of the kind of recording you must NOT make.

Look at a 2½ minutes long audition tape by a bloke named Lou Perez.  He acts stupidly, uses silly sexual humor, and never get around to showing you actual travel stuff.

Next, get set for 9½ minutes of stunning boredom.

This consists of dull pictures of Bulgaria, boring voiceover commentary, and nothing about people having fun or experiencing interesting travel.


However I can tell you the secrets of exactly the qualities of YOU and your STORY that a TV producer will be looking for in any audition tape that is a well-made story AND a good example of YOU as a TV personality:

  1. Your screen presence
  2. Your camera-awareness
  3. Your smile and easy laugh
  4. Your articulateness
  5. Your quick-wittedness
  6. Your ability to share your experience with the viewer
  7. Your potential to attract an audience.
  8. All the usual must-haves and must-do’s when appearing on-camera – from the shine of your teeth to the size of your bum, to the ability to speak a line without saying “…UMMMM…” 10 times a minute
  9. Your level of your sexual alertness as it shines through on-camera
  10. None of which matters a damn if the producer really wants a butch lesbian in the job rather than YOU, or has really promised her boyfriend the gig, or wants someone to replace a small blond with big tits, or might choose you if you look good, except that the real decision is going to be made by David Leckie or someone else higher up.


There are so many variables, I have to point out my disclaimer above:

Provided you follow EXACTLY all these instructions and achieve extremely high results, mixed with the right physical look and sunny personality.

  1. Exactly how many travel shows have you watched and recorded?
  2. Do you have a sunny personality?
  3. Have you really assessed yourself?
  4. Have you, with a friend, done an amateur screen test on video, DVD or YouTube.
  5. Have you, in your screen test, “shared the experience”.  This means looking up the barrel of the lens like it was your friend, and including it in everything you do, and smiling and talking to it like a friend.
  6. How do you LOOK?
  7. Right now, are you excited or exhausted?
  8. Have you gone back through all your recordings of travel shows, and picked one travel story you like and you believe you could re-create.  Which one?  Describe in GOOD CREATIVE writing.
  9. Is this going to be too troublesome and too expensive?
  10. Do you really have the spare time?
  11. Do you have friends, relatives or colleagues who will help?
  12. You must have pay for three return airfares (you, a director/cinematographer and a sound-recordist).
  13. You must have pay for accommodation and food for you three.
  14. You must pay for the cost of editing and making DVD copies.
  15. Have you done a realistic budget?
  16. Do you really have the money?

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