Time Management Self Assessment

How well-organised and time-efficient are you?

When I first sent this questionnaire to my journalism students, I wrote: “Fill this in only if you want to.”  I rarely received one back.  Why?  Because most students will do no more than they have to, and many won’t face up to bad habits in organisation and time-management.  Later, I started saying: “If you don’t send this back quickly, I will be suspicious that you’re badly organised.”  Although I will not be marking this (as I no longer tutor), I suggest you go through this exercise and do a self assessment.

Make answers any length you like, the longer the better.



1.  What is YOUR single biggest problem with organisation and time management?

2.  How might this problem be solved?

3.  If you were perfectly organised and had perfect time management, what would happen to your life?

4.  Describe your calendar or diary and how you use it.

5.  Describe your phone-and-address book and how you use it.

6.  Who is the person you know (or know of) who has the best personal organisation and practises the best time management?  Describe.

7.  Think of someone close to you (particularly a parent, child or spouse).  Describe in detail this person’s BEST and WORST habits of self-organisation and time management.

8.  Describe how you keep and use your “to do” lists.  Or explain why you don’t use them.

9.  For a job interview is it perfectly okay to turn up:

A.) 15 minutes early

B.) 2½ minutes early

C.) dead on time

D.) up to five minutes late but no more?

9a.  Give your opinions of all four answers.

10.  Do you feel, at particular times and places, that you have the right to be lazy?

11.  With 100% honesty, describe your exercise habits.

12.  Describe the last time you screwed-up an appointment.  Why did it happen?  Could it happen again?

13.  On a scale of 0-to-10 how bad or how good is your self-discipline, and explain why.

14.  Briefly describe the last time you showed persistence and explain.

15.  Do you enjoy meetings and conferences at work, and why?

16.  Who in your life is so inflexible that it interferes with your achieving your goals?  Explain.

17.  At work what are the five greatest barriers to your being better organised and more time-efficient?

18.  When alone, do you daydream, think or listen to music, or do something else?  Explain.

19.  Describe the part alcohol plays in your life and if it interferes with your efficiency and ability to achieve.

20.  What one task in your personal or work life having you procrastinated about the longest?  Describe.

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