Humor writing

Writing humorous journalism is incredibly hard.

Have you read the journalism of Maureen Dowd, Imre Salusinszky, Dave Barry, Peter Ruehl or Bill Bryson?

Garrison Keillor is another humorist I like.  His US radio broadcast transcripts can be found on the internet.

Have you checked out “humour columnists” on the internet?

Well let me warn you that few journalists can write humorously to the point where they are called a “humorist”.

Dave Barry is the world’s most successful humour columnist.  If you don’t read him, you should.  No one comes near him though many have tried and failed (including me).

You can find out all about him and read his columns at

There was a humorist at the back of now defunct Bulletin called Patrick Cook, who I didn’t find funny although many did.

Peter Ruehl is an American humorist who lives in Australia and writes on page 2 of the weekend Financial Review.

But if you type “humour columnists” into your Google search engine, you’ll come up with many humorous writers.

The questions are:  Can you do better?  Or even as well?

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