Wikipedia (trust it or not?)

Students constantly ask me: “Can I trust the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia for facts and background information?”

Well . . . I don’t.

But then I don’t trust any ONE source for my information.

I might log into Wikipedia and read what it has to say on a topic or person I’m researching.

I make a few notes, and then go elsewhere to double- and triple-check the information I might use.

There has been a lot of criticism of Wikipedia, including the story below.

Cash-for-kindness scandal rattles Wikipedia

Asher Moses

March 12, 2008

Cash-for-kindness scandal rattles Wikipedia

By Asher Moses   The Sydney Morning Herald

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THE toughest two weeks of the career of the Wikipedia co-founder, Jimmy Wales, just got tougher, with a former chief scientist at one of the world’s biggest technology companies claiming Mr Wales traded Wiki edits for donations.

Jeff Merkey, a former computer scientist at Novell, claims Mr Wales told him in 2006 that for a substantial donation from Mr Merkey, he would edit his Wikipedia entry – which included details of lawsuits involving Mr Merkey including one brought by Novell alleging misappropriation of trade secrets – to make it more favourable.

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