You are mixing up the hyphen and the dash.

A hyphen is this: –   It’s usually used to join words together such as “joint-owners” or “Chrichton-Browne”.

This is a dash: – It too is a horizontal line, but it’s longer than a hyphen.  To make a dash on a typewriter, use two hyphens in a row, like this: —

To make a dash with a computer go into “Insert” then into “Symbols”, find the dash and insert it.  Or, again maybe just do two hyphens in a row because some computer programs will automatically make two hyphens into a dash after you typed the next word.

Now, a word of warning.  A dash can be used effectively if you don’t use it too often.  Remember that commas or fullstops instead of dashes will possibly make your writing shorter and probably more precise.  Also remember that a dash has one space on each side.  A dash is not hard up against the two words it is separating.

NOT like this:  xxxxx–yyyyy

Like this:  xxxxx – yyyyy

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