!!!!!  I caution you against the use of the exclamation mark, or “exclaimer”.  Children and teenagers use a lot of exclaimers.  Immature writers also.

A writer who uses too many exclamation marks causes them to lose their power.  An exclamation mark should be used to convey shock or surprise.

Use only one at a time, not !! or !!! or like some beginner-writers: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a 1000 word article there could be, maybe, perhaps one use of an exclamation mark, but not any more, I would think.  And only if something really deserves an exclamation mark.

It’s acceptable to write: He’d been shot!  But it’s a bit exaggerated to write: He picked up his fork!

And yes, I know I use a lot of exclamation marks in my handwritten notes in red.  I write in a casual manner, and my use of “+” or “&” instead of “and”, or my liberal use of “!!!!!” doesn’t mean YOU should do it.  Certainly in writing a journalistic article, I would be wary of exclamation marks.

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