Ellipsis . . .

An ellipsis is three fullstops or dots, like this . . .   It’s not four or five dots or a great string of them.  The ellipsis is a punctuation mark.  But it’s NOT a substitute for a comma, dash or full stop.

An ellipsis has three different uses.

  1. Primarily an ellipsis indicates words have been left out, usually left out of a quote.
  2. An ellipsis can indicate suspense, such as: “And the winner is . . . Sydney.”
  3. An ellipsis can indicate a speaker trailing-off his sentence:  “Well, I suppose, so but I, well I . . . ”

To make an ellipsis, you put a space after the last word, then a dot, then a space, second dot, space, third dot and another space before the next word.

Not this… but this . . .

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