Target publication

Always nominate a target publication.  At the top of your article, always say who this article has been written for.

If you don’t know . . . who does?  What’s the use of sending it anyone?  Not nominating is a big mistake.

I keep trying to drive into every student’s brain this fact: you must have a target publication in mind BEFORE you start writing. Otherwise you end up with an article that has no home to go to.

Why should every student haunt the newsagent’s, looking for publications?  You must get to know the publications that will publish the kinds of articles you want to write.

If you’re not into laser-based neurosurgery, it’s pointless thinking you’ll whip up an article for Laser-based Neuro-surgery Monthly.  If you’ve never read a certain publication, or if reading it bored you, then it’s definitely not a target publication for you.

However any publication that deals in topics in which you are interested and/or in which you have knowledge, then those could be your target publications.

If you particularly admire a publication or if you feel you’d be proud and pleased to see your byline and your article in a certain publication, then that could be a target publication for you.

YOU are not one of them, but some of my students simply want to write an article, fullstop.

Then they want me to pinpoint the exact publication it should be sent to.

There are tens of thousands of publications for sale in Australia, and obviously no journalism tutor reads them all.

As I say to all of my students YOU are the only one in the whole world who can decide your target publications.

Your newsagent should be a Very Important Person in your life.  Also new magazines are always popping up.

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