Syndication in Australia

I’m sorry, I have only disappointing information.

Say you sell an article to The Daily Telegraph in Sydney.  It is part of the mighty Murdoch media empire.  The Tele circulates primarily in NSW.  But at News Ltd, the syndication department might spot your story and think, wow, other newspapers in our group would like to publish this.

So they put it on their private syndication website for other News Ltd editors throughout Australia and the rest of the world, to see.  Editors from other newspapers may pick it up and publish it, paying a fee into a central fund, which would then (normally) pay you 50% of whatever it was sold for.

This is easy money for you as you’ve already been paid in full for one use, so anything extra is money-for-jam.

But please.  Don’t get too excited.  It’s hard enough to sell to one publication, so don’t sit in hope of selling to 100 worldwide papers in one lucky hit.

There is no significant syndication system in Australia as in the UK and US.

The big newspaper companies here have small departments looking after syndication.  They are not out LOOKING for material, and really only syndicate stuff written by their own journalists.

Often they only syndicate to out-of-state papers within their own company.

It would be highly unlikely that a UK or US publication would take something from an Australian journalist when so many good UK and US journalists are busting to get this kind of gig.

You can phone Fairfax and News Ltd and ask for their syndication department.  In the unlikely event they speak to you, you will probably be told they can’t even sell all they have on their books, and so please don’t send anything.

Sorry for this disappointing news.

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