Study your market

“Study your market” means, if you’re interested in writing about food, then study all the newspapers and magazines that have cooking sections or food sections, and decide which ones you’d like to write for.  Buy all the dedicated magazines about food and cooking.  Watch the dozens of shows on pay-TV and free-TV about food and cooking. If you want to specialise in general sport, then study all publications with general sport content.  If you’re into writing about brain surgery, find the medical, academic and “pop science” magazines that want good articles on the brain.  And so on.  “Study” DOESN’T mean pick up one magazine and browse through it at a newsagent’s.

STUDY means:

  • Buy five or six editions of the one publication
  • Read thoroughly all the articles you would have liked to have written yourself
  • Copy-type some of them to better give you an idea of the publication’s style

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