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You MUST keep visiting newsagencies to see what new publications have come onto the market.

This recent excellent article by the brilliant writer on popular culture, David Dale, shows that all kinds of publications keep popping up.

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A lot of to-do about nothing but the particular

June 6 2002


What’s new … a glossy guide, reading for minutiae buffs, one for big spenders.


The rich are always with us, so if you’re thinking of starting a new magazine and looking for a niche, they make a logical target.

Rich lists tend to contain many more men than women, so concentrating on rich people who like footy and fast cars does not narrow your audience too dangerously. And so you end up with ca (note the lower case) aka Connoisseur Australia, which has racing driver Peter Brock on the cover of its first issue.

Editor James McRory devotes his opening message to lavishing praise on Brock, so we are forced to divine ca‘s philosophy from its content. It begins with a section called “the latest” (note lower case), which discusses a corkscrew costing $349, pens costing between $195 and $535, a humidor (for cigars) costing $1375, and a turntable (for vinyl discs) costing $45,000.  [more]

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