Quotes of the famous and famous quotes

Famous quotes MUST be accurate.

If you use a famous quote from a famous person, you must get it 100% accurate.

Your editor will not forgive you if you get it wrong.  One wrong word, and the quote will not make sense.  I had a student who quoted the famous comic George Burns, who died at 100 years in 1996:

“You can’t help getting old, but you don’t have to get older.”

Uh?  It doesn’t make sense.  It isn’t funny or witty.  That’s because my student transposed the two words “older” and “old”.  The famous quote of this famous man was actually:

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”

Aaahh, now  it is wise and witty.

Remember that the famous quotes of famous people are well-known and much loved.  If you get it wrong, many readers will know you’re wrong and many will be miffed and will write to the editor.

Editors are a hard-hearted lot.  They forget the million times you got things right.  They never forget that one time you stupidly got wrong, a famous quote from a famous person.

The wonderful fact about famous quotes from famous people is that you WILL  find them on the internet.  Check it out thoroughly, because you must always be suspicious about the internet.

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