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Your current email address should be improved.  Here’s why your full name should be your email address and here’s why your NAME should appears in people’s “From” column in their email.

Editors of busy, mainstream publications receive so much email that they delete anything unfamiliar or unexpected without opening it – without even glancing at it.  If an editor is expecting something from YOU, the editor will be looking for your name in his/her “Inbox” in the “From” column.  In the “Subject” column should be a short description of your article (not friendly or funny greetings).

Write something like: “Rome holiday 1550 words”…or…”Perth murder trial”.  Not: “Hi there!!” or “Greetings from Rome!”

If your email address is something cute or personal like or “biglover” or “wookie” or “snookums”, your editor hasn’t got time or patience to work out what it’s all about and will delete your email without opening it or even glancing at it.  It’s most important that when sending an email your name should appear in the recipient’s email “From” column.  Your proper name, not some funny remark like “Hi from Harry” or “Snookums Here!!”.

You can make a change without your email provider’s help.  YOU MUST DO THIS: to make sure your first name followed by your surname appears in your recipient’s “From” column do this: in your email mode click on “Tools”, then “Accounts”, then “Mail”, then “Properties”, then “General”, then “User information” and after “Name” type your first name followed by your surname and tick the box that says “Include this account when receiving mail”.  Your NAME in freelance work is all important.  When you become successful you may sell a lot of work to one editor and NEVER meet your editor, who never gets to know your face.  The editor associates your NAME with material wanted for the publication.  One of the reasons I urge students to put their names in the largest typeface on letterheads is because you must drive your name into your editor’s brain.

The best email address is your first and last name, as it appears in your published byline, separated by a dot.

Why?  It’s clear, requires no interpretation and it’s professional.  Don’t use a hyphen, slash, asterisk or anything other than a dot, because a DOT is common in email and website addresses.  I believe some of the free email providers won’t allow the use of dots.  I advise you to NOT use an underscore ( _ ) as a separator.  Why?  Because in writing addresses your computer automatically underscores the whole address like this  and your single underscore disappears and people are unsure whether you’ve mistakenly put in a space (no email or website addresses have spaces).  And don’t please, share your email address with another person such as billy& Why?  This is about professionalism.  You wouldn’t put your lover/friend/spouse/budgie’s name on your business card, so DON’T put it on your most valuable contact point, your email address.

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