Email – photos

This is the modern, fast, efficient and cheap method, and is preferred by most publications.  It should be preferred by most freelancers.  But some freelancers are, understandably, in love with their reliable and long-serving 35mm FILM cameras.  Remember that like everyone else, editors are loathe to open attachments from unknown sources, so you shouldn’t be emailing photographs until you’ve let someone know they are on their way.  Now an emailed photo can be:

A color print that has been scanned

A slide (transparency) that has been scanned

A digital picture taken by a digital camera (and the photo is already a computer file)

To scan a color print you need, obviously, a color scanner.  I recommend against using a cheap one.  I think you should be going for something like I use (a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 6300C).  I think it costs $500, but check.  To scan a slide you need a slide attachment and this comes with all good quality scanners such as the one I have.  And of course sending a picture which is not a physical picture but is already simply a file, is even easier.  There is no doubt that the best photographs are created by high quality digital cameras ($500 to $50,000).  Second best is transparencies, and third best is color prints.  Remember that TIME (your time, your editor’s time) is precious, and fastest of all are pictures from digital cameras (no waiting for or paying for processing).

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