Foreign words

The English language uses lots of foreign words that become so familiar, they come to be regarded as English words.

For instance: café, spaghetti bolognaise, ad nauseam or bête noire.

But writing café with the acute above the “e” is a little bit pretentious.  My recommendation is plain and simple.  Use an English expression if more people would know what it means.  If you MUST use a foreign word consider putting it in italics or maybe put a translation in brackets.  And forget about foreign punctuation marks like ^ ` ° ˆ ? ? ? ? ˜ and so on.

But, it all depends on the article you’re writing.  It would be entirely appropriate to use lots of foreign words if the title of your article was WHY DON’T SCHOOLS TEACH MORE FOREIGN WORDS?  but maybe inappropriate if your article was about cooking damper for Women’s Weekly.


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