Euphemisms . . . the use of a mild, vague or over-polite word or phrase, to avoid using the correct word or phrase, even if that word or phrase if blunt, disagreeable or a “rude” one.

For instance, a man will ask: “Where’s the little boys’ room?” and woman will ask: “Where can I powder my nose?” when what they both want to know is: “Where’s the toilet?”

There is no place for euphemisms in journalism.

Euphemism What an un-hypocritical, blunt journalist would write
Career change Sacked from his/her job
Daughter of joy Prostitute
Davey Jones’s locker Buried at sea
Get with child To impregnate a woman
State of nature Nudity
Seek fresh challenges Sacked from his/her job
Horizontal folk-dancing Sexual intercourse
The 19th hole The bar at a golf club
Equipment A woman or man’s genitalia
The flag is up I am menstruating


Think about the alternatives below

Euphemism What an un-hypocritical, blunt person would say
Inventory leakage
Night soil
Gone to pick a daisy
Rock crusher
Selected out
Senior citizen
He was snatched from us


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