Media pass

A media pass is like a badge of honor.  You earned it.  It’s a possession you should be proud to have and show.  But you can’t just rock-on up, uninvited and unannounced, to an event, flash your media pass and expect to be admitted free-of-charge and to be looked-after as a prestigious member of the media.

First, you must PHONE (not email) the Public Relations person associated with the event.  Explain that you are a Freelance Journalist and you what you will be writing will be submitted to “so-and-so” publication.  Explain where you have been published before.  Sound confident and friendly.  The PR person is NOT interested in you.  She is interested in journalists representing well-known, big-circulation publications.  She is interested in journalists she has cooperated with before, and from whom have come articles published in these important publications.  After all, she is judged on how well she does her job by the amount of media coverage.

Sorry to repeat this: the PR person is NOT interested in you.  So you have to do a lot of “sweet-talking”.  That doesn’t mean LYING and EXAGGERATING.  You’ll get caught out.

You must make her feel confident and you’re okay and you’re keen, and some article may come of it.  Then get SPECIFIC instructions on who to see and what to do when you arrive at the event to ask for your free ticket.

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