I’m only a student

You ask about how to approach people for interviews and information while you are “ONLY” a student.  No.  Sorry, you misunderstand.  From the very moment you go into action, you are a freelance journalist.  Remember my 7th rule?  Please take Rule 7 seriously:

Rule 7: Start submitting immediately

Think of yourself as a freelancer BEFORE being awarded a diploma.  I push you to submit to publications before you win your diploma.

Do not wait until the end of a course to start submitting.  Overcome your natural fear of rejection and start submitting your best work to your target publications from now on.

If you tell someone: “I’m a freelance journalist and I’m researching and writing an article on (XXX) and will be submitting it to National Geographic”, there’s no lie if you are in fact doing those actions.

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