Page numbering as editors demand

Your pages must be numbered correctly.

If not numbered at all, or, if numbered the wrong way, you editor will be irritated.

Say they are not numbered at all.  If there’s an accident (wind blows your pages around, someone drops your pages on the floor in a jumble), then no-one has the patience to work out the proper order of your pages and people are irritated by you and toss your story in the bin, instead of contacting you for another CORRECTLY NUMBERED copy.

You lose a sale.

You MUST number your pages like this, and only like this, and no other way:

To insert AUTOMATICALLY these words at the bottom of successive pages:

First page of your article*: Page 1 of 10

Second page of your article: Page 2 (the X number) of 10 (the Y number)

Third page of your article: Page 3 of 10

. . . . and so on: Page 4 of 10

ARTICLE not including coversheet or covering letter or note to tutor please.


Click on “View” in your Microsoft Windows toolbar.

Click on “Header and Footer”.
On this new toolbar that comes up, click on the third last icon on the right, the one that appears to be three little overlapping boxes.
This will take you to the footer.
Click on the words on the left “Insert Auto Text”.
Click on the last words on the pop-up list “Page X of Y”.
Hold down the “Control” button and hit the “E” key and “1 of 1” is centred.

Hit “Close”.

As you type more and more pages the “X” and “Y” numbers will automatically change.

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