First drafts unacceptable

A “draft” is a first or preliminary form of any writing, subject to revision and copying.  If a student sends me a “first draft”, does that mean I’ll be receiving another draft, and a 6th and 10th draft . . . ?

I HATE drafts.  You might as well send me a bus ticket and tell me this was the ticket that took you to an interview with Mr So-and-So….I couldn’t care less.  I wish courses would not talk about students doing “first drafts”.  You wouldn’t send a first draft to an editor you’re trying to impress.  Please don’t send me any incomplete, unpolished work.  I want to see only your best work, in finished, publishable form.

I want to see it properly laid out with all the extras attended to (pages numbered correctly, word-count at the top, intended publication at the top, your byline, no spelling errors, one staple and so on).

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