Email – contacting editors

Re contacting editors by email.  Be careful.  Editors receive so much junk email and spam, and so many potential viruses, they often delete emails without glancing at their contents.

This is the cruel, harsh reality of life today.

The editor or his personal assistant will open emails only from names they know, or from people they are wanting and expecting an email from.  Never send an unsolicited article as an email attachment to a publication.  Editors are rightly terrified of viruses.  So am I, which is why I never open students’ attachments.  Editors simply delete any email with an attachment unless it’s from a person they know and trust.  Always send an unsolicited article by email ONLY to a person’s name, not the publication itself because it will just get lost in the confusion.  If you’ve spoken to someone (even a PA or switch-person, but better if it’s the editor), you can phone back 48 hours later to ask:

Did you get my article?

Did you read my article?

Can you use it?

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