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INXS in their first TV appearance with Simple Simon on Wonder World.

Way back in 1980 INXS had their first TV appearance on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World! ┬áJust one of many Australian bands featured over the years.

My memory is that they made the song up on the spot.

Years later when I ran into Michael Hutchence, he thanked me.

The Compact Sydney Morning Herald

With over 182 years of combined media, PR and journalism experience behind them, the Townsend brothers made an event of it and examined if their beloved SMH had changed formatting and shifted too much to the right when it shifted from broadsheet to compact (tabloid for everyone not employed by Fairfax).

Their father Lewis “Lew” Townsend was the Chief Sub-Editor of the SMH (died 1955)

Not one cry of “back in my day” and all were generally pleased with the new format.

From left:  David Townsend, Simon Townsend and Steve Townsend.  All examining the first compact Sydney Morning Herald
Left to right. David Townsend 78, Simon Townsend 67, Steve Townsend 65. All examining the first compact edition of the Sydney Morning Herald