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Navigating Email Etiquette at Work – from Grammarly

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  • Use a Clear Subject Line
  • CC or BCC for Organization and Confidentiality
  • Reply as Quickly as Possible
  • Choose Appropriate Language
  • Choose an Appropriate Signoff
  • Call When Necessary

See Simon’s tips on email etiquette

The Writing Tools of Famous Authors

Even with a computer in front of him, my dad (Simon) would often swivel to the typewriter to the left of him.
It doesn’t matter what new technologies are available, some writers like what they like. Whilst some writers use the old pen and paper to get the creative juices flowing.

This great infographic from Ninja Essays shows the tools of the trade for some of our popular writers.

Also revisit what Simon considers the essential tools of the trade.


World is Fukt – Australian Financial Review – Front Page Error

Today’s issue of The Australian Financial Review (West Australian edition) was published with an unfortunate error on the front page. An early ‘dummy’ of the front page was sent to the print centres by mistake, and it was on the news stands before anyone realised they’d ‘FUKT’ up. Can you spot the error?


More details and the apology from editor Michael Stutchbury on Mumbrella.

Check your writing with the Hemingway App Website

Here's an example of some of the advice Hemingway gives you.
Here’s an example of some of the advice Hemingway gives you.

I’ve only just discovered the Hemingway App website.

Take an article you’ve written, paste it into the Hemingway App and it will tell you what needs fixing, to make it more readable.

Be careful with the output as the spelling is American English but the writing rules and advice it gives is excellent.

I assume the app was named after Ernest Hemingway because it teaches you clear and simple writing.

Ernest Hemingway learned the following four rules when he started as a reporter at the Kansas City Star in 1917.

  1. Use short sentences
  2. Use short first paragraphs
  3. Use vigorous English
  4. Be positive, not negative

Here’s some of my writing rules: